Wherever I Go


I made a music video! I’ve been living in London since I started my BA in September, and I love it here. There are so many things going on, so many sites to see, and it’s beautiful. I wanted to capture my experiences of London on camera, and the perfect opportunity arose – Mark Knopfler […]

5 Favourites: Music


Things haven’t been great for me recently – I’ve been really ill, tired and stressed out with uni work and a latin exam that I’m dreading. One of my friends mentioned the other day that she never sees me without headphones on, and it kind of inspired me to write this blog post. Music is […]

My University Bedroom | George Home


Just a quick warning: This post is very picture-heavy!  I love my University bedroom. It’s smaller than my one at home, but it’s cosy (despite the heating not working properly), and I like having my own ensuite bathroom. Since September, I’ve been slowly making this room more homely and I’m finally happy with it, thanks […]

February Wishlist


I’ve been having issues with my blog since I moved over to WordPress recently, but I hope that’ll be sorted out soon and that you can read this post either on my blog or via bloglovin! Anyway, as it’s February 1st, I had an excuse to make another wishlist post. I’ve been really into graphic […]

Woman In Black


First up, I apologise for the crappy iPhone-quality picture! Last night I went to see Woman In Black 2 with my friend, so of course I decided to wear black. I decided to write up a quick outfit of the day post because I actually made an effort and straightened my hair for the first […]

I got my nose pierced?!


Every day when I come home from University, I walk past a tattoo and piercing studio. I’ve been tempted for ages to go in there and book a tattoo, but I’m not quite sure whether to get Elvis Presley’s signature, or an Alice in Wonderland design… Anyway, I was feeling particularly spontaneous the other day […]

Morlands Ballerina Slippers


As a lazy university student, I love to lounge around wearing comfy slippers in my flat while attempting to study… So when Morlands offered me a pair to review as part of their ‘Get Cosy’ campaign, I couldn’t refuse! I’m a big fan of supporting British companies, and Morlands have been selling luxury sheepskin slippers in […]

OOTD: Oh Wow. ♡


Good morning, I’m currently enduring a 5-hour drive back up to London, thankfully I have a friend with me! I wore this outfit back in October (hence the brown hair), and posted this pic on Instagram, but I forgot to blog it. I left my camera cable at uni, meaning I couldn’t take any new […]

January 2015 Wishlist ♡


I’ve decided to stop writing so many wishlist posts, because I really need to stop spending so much money on things that I don’t need this year. I have so many clothes, and making all of these wishlist posts encourages me to covet more! So here is January’s wishlist… ⇢ “Not Your Girl” t-shirt / H&M […]

In a World of My Own…

alice in wonderland mug

I’ve never really known “who” I am or what I want. When I was younger, I used to be quite reckless, and not care what anyone thought of me. Then those awful teenage years hit, and I took everything people said really seriously and tried my hardest to “fit in”. At the age of around […]