5 Favourites: Music


Things haven’t been great for me recently – I’ve been really ill, tired and stressed out with uni work and a latin exam that I’m dreading. One of my friends mentioned the other day that she never sees me without headphones on, and it kind of inspired me to write this blog post. Music is very important to me, I studied music at A-Level, I sing and play the guitar / piano, and sometimes I kind of wish that I could study Classical music instead of Ancient History (although I do love my course). In terms of classical music, I enjoy Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Chopin the most, usually when I’m studying or relaxing, but I listen to a large variety of music genres. Anyway, these are 5 singers/bands that I’ve been listening to a lot recently:

#1: Nirvana are literally my all-time favourite band. It would be impossible to choose my favourite song of theirs, but recently I’ve been listening to the MTV Unplugged album. It’s a live concert of all of the best Nirvana songs, such as Lithium, Heart-Shaped Box, Come As You Are, About a Girl and Pennyroyal Tea. Okay, I’m kinda cheating myself by including a whole album in this but I really can’t choose one of their songs as my favourite.

#2 The Pretty Reckless. Taylor Momsen’s voice is awesome, and the lyrics to The Pretty Reckless songs are pretty damn great. I’m particularly loving the song “Light Me Up”, and a few songs from her latest album “Going to Hell” such as “House on a Hill” and “Waiting for a Friend”. I have a Pretty Reckless patch on my denim jacket, and it always surprises me that so many people point it out and say that they love them too!

#3 I’ve always been a massive fan of Elvis Presley, I pretty much grew up on his gorgeous voice. I have a ridiculous amount of Elvis merchandise including posters, cds, books, clothes, a duvet cover and even a blanket… yeah, I’m obsessed. Heartbreak Hotel will always be one of my favourite songs, and I spent the entirety of Christmas listening to the “Christmas with Elvis” album and watching Lilo and Stitch for the Elvis references. I also love The Beatles and Johnny Cash (I wish I was a teenager in the sixties!).

#4 When I listen to Avril Lavigne, it totally reminds me of my pre-teen rebellious years. Recently I’ve been enjoying listening to old Avril songs like “I’m With You” and “Complicated”, which evokes so much nostalgia for me! I do also have her 2013 album – I like the songs “Rock N Roll” and “Give You What You Like”, but I’m all about vintage 2002-2004 Avril right now!

#5 I love me a bit of Dire Straits. In my opinion, you can’t really get much better than Sultans of Swing, Money for Nothing or Tunnel of Love. These songs are probably the most-played songs on my iPhone, I’ve always got them on in the background when I’m working (or dancing in my room slightly tipsy at 3am), and when I’m on the bus at 9am on my way to uni. If you haven’t heard the song Romeo & Juliet, go and listen to it – it’s the most romantic, emotional song I’ve ever heard.

What have you been listening to recently? Do you like any of the music that I’ve mentioned? If so, let’s chat!! (I’m serious). emilysig

My University Bedroom | George Home

Just a quick warning: This post is very picture-heavy! 

I love my University bedroom. It’s smaller than my one at home, but it’s cosy (despite the heating not working properly), and I like having my own ensuite bathroom. Since September, I’ve been slowly making this room more homely and I’m finally happy with it, thanks to George Home, who sent me some lovely homeware items!

my-bedI decided to get myself some cute bedding, which is the best way to personalise your university room in my opinion. I chose an Aztec Racoon duvet cover, with a faux wolf fur throw. I couldn’t resist getting a Beatles cushion to go on my bed, it’s adorable! My bed is now so comfortable, the throw is so soft and warm.

george-home-throwI also got an Adventure Time duvet cover, which I actually gave to my friend, but look at how cute it is:adventure-time-duvetMoving on to my bedside table, I have the typical items like a lamp, my phone and the book I’m currently reading (Ensnared by A.G Howard), and my new gorgeous doll-house jewellery box.george-bedroom1

jewellery-box-1This jewellery box is probably one of the prettiest things I own, and it fits perfectly with the pastel blue theme I have going on. Plus it’s only £15 from George Home! I love the doll-house design and the cute drawer handles.

jewellery-box-insidepinboard My pinboard is one of my favourite things about my room. Unlike some of my friends who just pin up important things like work and to-do lists, I’ve made mine really personal and happy with pictures of me with my school friends and my brothers, as well as polaroids from Taylor Swift’s 1989 album and random pictures of Elvis. I also have some latin pinned up in the middle, because I’m awful at remembering it. Surrounding my pinboard are my beautiful rose fairylights that I wrote about here.

bedroom-wallbedroom-postersMy desk is a little too messy to show properly right now, but basically at one end I have my makeup and stationery storage, which is where I work, and the other end has my teasmade, my fridge (with really cute magnets that I wrote about here), and my new Breville toasted sandwich press from George Home. Basically, I could probably survive for a few days without actually leaving my room (not that I’d do that).

breville-sandwich-toasterThis sandwich maker is literally the best thing ever, I love cheese and ham toasties, so they’re my go-to for lunch if I’m not at Uni. It literally takes a few minutes to make some cheesy perfection, so much quicker than using the grill in my oven!teasmadeMy mum got me this teasmade about 2 years ago, and it’s awesome. I am a tea addict, so of course I had to bring it to uni with me. Oh, and it has a picture of me and my mum when I was little inside it!pink-teacupI have far too many mugs, including several Alice in Wonderland ones and a Sleeping Beauty one, but I wanted a cute little teacup and saucer, and this one from George is perfect. It’s only £2.50 from their Vintage Dining Collection and the pastel pink is so pretty. I keep it on my windowsill because I’m paranoid about knocking it over and breaking it!hourglass-frozen-tumbler-cupOne of my favourite things on my desk is my new hourglass timer – it makes studying a bit more fun… not that Latin is fun. George Home do loads of awesome Frozen things, and as a Disney fan, I had to get something. I decided on this Elsa & Anna Ice Gel Tumbler, which is pretty cool because I can put it in the freezer and the gel will freeze and keep my drink cold!

I’m not going to show you a picture of my ensuite, because it’s very small and not that interesting, but I wanted to quickly show this cute zebra towel that I got from George to make the bathroom a little cuter:zebra-towelMy door is really heavy and slams itself shut, so I like having a door stop to keep it open when I want to be a bit more social, or if I’m going in and out of the kitchen. I really like this butterfly one from George, it’s cute!butterfly-door-stopAnd Finally, I decided to get a dreamcatcher, which I’ve hung above my window (there’s no room around my bed due to the excessive Elvis and Star Wars posters!). It makes my window a little more exciting, and looks pretty when the light shines through it.dreamcatcherI’m aiming to branch out into YouTube videos this year, and filming a room tour is something I’m keen to do because it’s impossible to show you everything in a blog post! Hopefully that’ll happen soon if I “man up” and just do it.

 Links to the items featured in this post:


Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to choose some items from George Home to review. My reviews are always honest.

February Wishlist


I’ve been having issues with my blog since I moved over to WordPress recently, but I hope that’ll be sorted out soon and that you can read this post either on my blog or via bloglovin!

Anyway, as it’s February 1st, I had an excuse to make another wishlist post. I’ve been really into graphic / quote t-shirts recently, and these are a few of my favourites.


Woman In Black


First up, I apologise for the crappy iPhone-quality picture! Last night I went to see Woman In Black 2 with my friend, so of course I decided to wear black. I decided to write up a quick outfit of the day post because I actually made an effort and straightened my hair for the first time in forever. This skater dress is from Lipsy a few years ago, and it’s still one of my favourite dresses for going out – it fits really well and the style is flattering. I could totally join the Coven from American Horror Story in this outfit…

Anyway, I really enjoyed Woman in Black 2. I still prefer the first film (mainly due to Daniel Radcliffe), but this one was definitely better than I expected. I found it a lot scarier than the first film – at some points I was literally clinging onto my friend for dear life!


I got my nose pierced?!

Every day when I come home from University, I walk past a tattoo and piercing studio. I’ve been tempted for ages to go in there and book a tattoo, but I’m not quite sure whether to get Elvis Presley’s signature, or an Alice in Wonderland design… Anyway, I was feeling particularly spontaneous the other day and randomly decided to go in and ask for a nose piercing.

I had to fill out a form, chose a cute rainbow crystal stud, and then the woman shoved a needle through my nose. Haha, I’m exaggerating – it didn’t actually hurt at all, it just made my eyes water. I’ve been living off ibuprofen this week though, because it’s really sore now, and I keep accidentally touching it.

Anyway, this is what it looks like……….


It’s much more obvious in person, because I look less pale than I do on camera! Overall, I’m happy with it and I can’t wait until I can wear a variety of different colours. £20 well spent!


Morlands Ballerina Slippers

As a lazy university student, I love to lounge around wearing comfy slippers in my flat while attempting to study… So when Morlands offered me a pair to review as part of their ‘Get Cosy’ campaign, I couldn’t refuse! I’m a big fan of supporting British companies, and Morlands have been selling luxury sheepskin slippers in Glastonbury since 1870.

I chose the Ballerina slippers in the colour Damson, a gorgeous deep red. They are also available in black and pastel pink. I adore the cute ribbon bows on them!

These slippers are definitely luxury, priced at £49, but they are so comfortable, high-quality and they will last a lot longer than the cheaper ones I’ve previously had. They even have a slight heel, which makes them feel almost like shoes.

As soon as I get home from uni, I put my Morlands slippers on and make myself a cup of tea. I even wear them out of my flat sometimes to walk down to see my friends…

Make sure you check out Morlands if you’re looking for new slippers, they have a huge variety of high-quality sheepskin slippers!

[I was sent these slippers from Morlands, in order to review them.]

OOTD: Oh Wow. ♡

Good morning, I’m currently enduring a 5-hour drive back up to London, thankfully I have a friend with me!

I wore this outfit back in October (hence the brown hair), and posted this pic on Instagram, but I forgot to blog it. I left my camera cable at uni, meaning I couldn’t take any new pics over Christmas, so I messed around on Photoshop last night and edited this together. When I wore this preppy-style outfit, I remember one of my uni friends saying “oh wow”, so I’ve incorporated that into the post for lack of a better name.

I might continue in this style with my future OOTD’s: photoshopping is fun, and it makes my pictures a bit more interesting!

What am I wearing?

  • H&M pastel pink duffle coat
  • Next pussybow 2-in-1 blouse/jumper
  • New Look grey checked skirt

January 2015 Wishlist ♡

I’ve decided to stop writing so many wishlist posts, because I really need to stop spending so much money on things that I don’t need this year. I have so many clothes, and making all of these wishlist posts encourages me to covet more!

So here is January’s wishlist…

⇢ Leather skirt / H&M / £14.99
⇢ Cactus sweatshirt / H&M / £5.99
Sequined Eye Pattern Top / ROMWE / £10.39

Plaid Milk Cartons Print Crop Grey Shirt / ROMWE / £10.39

I got a few H&M gift cards for Christmas, so I’ll totally be picking up that cactus sweatshirt! Hopefully spending less time trawling through fashion websites will help me appreciate the clothes that I have. I’ve definitely got a few OOTD posts coming up!

In a World of My Own…

alice in wonderland mug

Life is so confusing.

I’ve never really known “who” I am or what I want. When I was younger, I used to be quite reckless, and not care what anyone thought of me. Then those awful teenage years hit, and I took everything people said really seriously and tried my hardest to “fit in”. At the age of around 13, I always wore black, Green Day were my favourite band, and I was interested in spiritual things like tarot reading, predictions, and reading about witchcraft and pirates. I had one or two friends who shared the same music taste as me, but the majority of people I knew at school were interested in sports. One summer, I ended up changing myself dramatically, started listening to Taylor Swift and wearing the girliest, most floral dresses I could find, because I was sick of being called an emo/goth or whatever else the boys in the year above used to say. Through the rest of my school years, including sixth form, I carried on trying to be normal and I never really socialised much.

Now I’m at university in London, a much more diverse environment, I’ve started to come out of my shell and be open about my real interests and I’ve stopped pretending to like things I don’t. It took a while, but I realised that my new group of friends really don’t care that I prefer listening to Elvis Presley than the UK top 40, and that I like Disney films a bit more than the average 19-year-old. Of course, there are a few people who seem to think that I must be posh because I went to a private school, or that they’re better than me because they study Science and I study Classics, but for the most part, I feel comfortable being weird.

My wardrobe has evolved from what’s “fashionable” into a selection of jeans and Star Wars t-shirts. Every day I used to worry about wearing the right thing, but now I casually throw on whatever I want and don’t worry about it. It feels great. I currently have green and purple hair, because I can. Perhaps my grandfather doesn’t completely approve of my hair, but I’m a student! It’s the perfect time to experiment.

This blog used to be my space to share about my interests in beauty and fashion, but I feel like it needs to evolve as I do. I don’t want La Carmella to be defined in a particular category, because I really despise labels. I want my blog to be as random and weird as I am. Thank-you to everyone who has read my blog in the past, and I hope that you will choose to continue with me on this journey.

I still don’t know who I am, or what I want to be, but at least I’m free.

The Times They Are a-Changin’…

Yeah, I got a bit crazy the other day and decided to dye my hair green and purple…

Let’s be honest, I haven’t blogged as often as I intended during 2014. So many things have happened this year, including finishing my A-levels, moving to London, and starting University. This year has been life-changing, and my blog has been somewhat neglected as a result.

So what are my aims for 2015?

  • Write a blog post at least twice a week. I really enjoy writing, so this is shouldn’t be too difficult! I got a tripod for Christmas, so I should be able to take better outfit-of-the-day pictures now as well.
  • Record a cover song for my music YouTube channel once a week. Music is a huge passion of mine, so this will be fun!
  • Read 24 books this year. Two books per month doesn’t seem like much, but I rarely find myself with enough free time to read nowadays. I’m particularly looking forward to reading All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher, and Ensnared by A.G Howard (the third book in the Splintered series).
  • Achieve a 1st in my first year at University. I’m studying Ancient History, which I find really interesting, but Latin certainly is a challenge! Doing well academically is my priority, but I do want to try and find the time for my other goals.

What are your goals for 2015?